Fun with Retrosheet (Magic Loogie edition)

June 14, 1987; Mets, Phillies. It's a beautiful afternoon to spend in the right field stands. Then it happens: a crucial Keith Hernandez error opens the door for a five-run Phillies' ninth that costs the Mets the game. Nice game, Pretty Boy!

We've all heard the story, I'm sure. It goes on, of course, outside the players' entrance, where Hernandez proceeds to let fly one magic loogie complete with right turns, left turns, ricochets, force enough to displace a baseball cap, and a pause, in mid-air, mind you, before inflicting its final damage. The jury is still out on the existence of a second spitter.

We, like Seinfeld, know better than to trust the word of an unsavory character such as Newman. And we, like Seinfeld, are doing a little digging.

Exhibit A: June 14, 1987, no game was played in Shea. The Mets were in the midst of a 10-game road trip.

Exhibit B: The Mets were not playing the Phillies that day. They played the Pirates instead.

Exhibit C: The Mets did not give up 5 runs nor lose in the 9th. In fact, they won 7-3.

Exhibit D: Keith Hernandez did not make an error that day. He was a perfect 12 for 12 in his fielding opportunities. He also had a home run and a double along with 2 runs scored and 2 RBIs. Nice game, Pretty Boy.

So there you have it. Magic loogie or not, that's the way it happened.


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