The Art of Hitting: Tony Gwynn

Today, the Padres dealt Jody Gerut in the most meager of salary dumps (why, again, did they pick up Brian Giles' option if they're going to keep doing stuff like this?) for a fringe Major Leaguer. Besides the move making no sense at all, the most interesting thing about the trade is the identity of the fringe Major Leaguer: Tony Gwynn, Jr. All you need to know about how much his dad still means to the team is that they told Sr. before anyone bothered to get a hold of him. When Tony, Sr.called his son to talk about it, he still had no idea. Anyway, this post doesn't really have anything to do with that. It's just a painting of Tony for those who want to appreciate the artistic side of the game rather than focus on the numbers like I usually do here. It is currently on loan to the Fire Chief of Osage Beach, MO, if anyone is interested in seeing it in person. Image in the full article.


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